I Can’t Wait to Introduce You To My Life…

First and foremost, praying that this year of 2017 is a blessed year for you and those you love.

And, during this new year I have decided to do something that is somewhat out of character for me….

I’m starting a YouTube channel as a supplement to this blog.

I plan to discuss some of the tough topics in Islam, in America, and in Saudia and Dubai where I spend a large portion of my time.  In addition, I will be doing story time videos about funny things that have happened to me, collaborating with other famous Muslim YouTubers, giveaways, talking about my favorite “Muslimy” things, and providing you with the means to laugh at my terrible Arabic accent. Plus much more.

WOO HOO. You read that right.  Hannah on YouTube. Shocking but true.

I don’t like to have my photo taken let alone be on camera, so this is quite different for me, but I am hoping Allah will give me the power to extend my dawah outreach to those who hate reading (like me!).

I hope you will stay tuned and next week you will have my first video inshaAllah 🙂

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Can’t wait to see you there ❤ Sorry to be annoying, but please do like, comment, subscribe and share so that I know what I’m doing is (or is not) worthwhile.

Thank you for all of your support from the first day I started this blog to today.  You’re the best ❤

Additionally, I’m so thankful to say that as of today I’ve reached 2000 followers on Facebook.  May Allah reward you all. I love you guys.


See you soon inshaAllah ❤


We Are All Brothers & Sisters Under the Same God

While I do not celebrate Hanukkah or Christmas, I do believe that it is important to acknowledge that I pray that all of those celebrating their holidays bring them closer to the Creator.  We do not have to agree on the details of how we worship Him, but we should agree that in worshipping Him, we are all brothers and sisters.

There is a quote I have always loved, and I think it is exceptionally important during the holiday season: “I love you when you pray in your temple, kneel in your church, and make sujood in your masjid, because we are all brothers and sisters under the same God” ❤

And, I truly mean it.  While some of my family celebrates Christmas, I wish them all the joy that this time of the year brings.  It’s such a special, beautiful time of year in America. And, I’m sure anyone celebrating Hanukkah has the same feeling.

I pray that this year, our religions find peace between them.  You are all loved by me, regardless of how you praise Him.  May He continue to answer your prayers.

“May Peace be upon Jesus, the day he was born, the day he dies, and the day he will be resurrected once again” (Quran 19:33).

Life Update

Just a quick life update for everyone:

The last few months of my traveling have been absolutely crazy… but, that kind of crazy that I love so it’s all good.

Between visiting my family in Cleveland,

Visiting friends in Los Angeles (where I now have a permanent residence Alhamdulilah),

Visiting friends and business opportunities in Dubai,

Traveling to Riyadh for business,

and traveling to Khobar to visit friends and weddings….

I’m tired.

But, Alhamdulilah, I’m back where my heart feels most content until February: in Riyadh.

Plus, I have a major announcement (no, I’m not getting married… keep wishing…) coming at the end of the month that I’m praying will -inshaAllah – help to increase my dawah efforts many times over if Allah so wills.

Thanks for all your continuing support always.  I’m honored to share my life, travels, and craziness with each and every one of you ❤

May Allah Protect the People of Syria

As you probably know, I’m far from political and I’m also far from knowledgable on the topics of politics, history, etc… I really try to keep up to date with current events, but because I have a soft heart, it’s really difficult for me.  In fact, it becomes difficult for me to concentrate on anything else.

That’s my exact feelings about Syria right now.

We’re absolutely 100% witnessing a genocide right NOW.

And the worst part? I have no idea what to do about it.

I don’t know what to do about the babies being killed.

I don’t know what to do about the women committing suicide to avoid rape and torture.

I don’t know what to do about the broken relationships, broken families, broken hearts…

I just know I had to say something.

The only thing I can do is pray.  I ask you all to do the same.  If you have something more intelligent to do or to say, please do that instead.  In the meantime, I ask you, no matter your race or religion or understanding or political affiliation.

May Allah protect you, Syrian people ❤ I’m sorry we failed you- both as Muslims and as brothers and sisters in humanity.

Are You Kidding, America?

I was so confident going into the election that Hillary would win that I barely kept up with the election during the entire day on the 8th.  I personally choose not to vote for weird reasons that I don’t think deserve explaining because they’re really not that intelligent, but I knew no one would go out to vote for a candidate that makes rape jokes and that has literally NO idea what he’s doing… I mean, I know my fellow Americans aren’t all geniuses but no one is that stupid.

Then, I went to a Lakers game and checked the results and felt like I was going to pass out.

Are you kidding me, America?

Muslim Child

A man that is literally a modern Hitler is now the leader of our country… let that sink in.

If you have another opinion, I’m not sorry that I offended you.  I’m sorry that you’ve never experienced what it’s like to be “other.”

I used to be just like you… I used to never know what it was like to be discriminated against.  I was never threatened by police or by other people.  No one told me to “go back where I come from.”

That is, until I decided to convert and wore hijab.  All of a sudden, I became “other.”  And let me tell you, “other” is scary.  It’s hard to live in a world where people tell you you deserve to be killed for your beliefs, or that you’re going to hell, or that you don’t deserve to live in America… it literally sucks.

And now, someone who thinks I should be put into a Muslim camp until “things are sorted out” is the leader of this country.

Since his presidency, there have been Muslim girls who have had so many problems: having their scarves tugged at, being told its illegal to wear it, and even being threatened to be lit on fire if the hijab wasn’t removed.

And even worse, this is not a Muslim issue.  This is an everyone issue: young Latino students were told by classmates they would be deported, black people have seen increased hatred, and the suicide rate for LGQBT? community has greatly increased.

I love you, America.  I believe in you.  You need to stand up for what is right in this world.  I don’t think my beliefs are the only “right” beliefs, but they are humane. They are filled with compassion. And they understand what being an “other” is.

I don’t hate you if you voted for Trump, but I hate you if you’re perpetuating the stereotypes that create a huge divide in this country and that have done so since the day white people landed in America.

May God protect us all – from the littlest Mexican kindergartener to the oldest hijabi Muslima and everyone in between.