What Does Islam Teach In Times of War?

In case you wondered, THIS is what my religion teaches about war.

Wish I could give credit to who made this – Sorry there was nothing on the post I got it from!


In case the photo ever gets removed, the rules include:

  1. Don’t cut a tree.
  2. Don’t kill a child.
  3. Don’t kill old people.
  4. Don’t destroy a temple or a church.
  5. Don’t destroy a building
  6. Don’t kill those who surrendered.
  7. Don’t kill those who ran away.
  8. Don’t kill a woman.
  9. Don’t kill a sick person.
  10. Don’t kill a monk or priest (religious person).
  11. Don’t disfigure the dead.
  12. Don’t kill an animal except for eating.
  13. Be good to the prisoners and feed them.
  14. Don’t enforce Islam.

And you ask me how I can accept this religion? This is how.


2 thoughts on “What Does Islam Teach In Times of War?

  1. Hello, sister! I recently found your blog and love your insight on the world. You are so positive, honest, and seem very kind.
    I have been considering Islam for… almost a year 🙂 I still get doubts and fears of converting, and sometimes I feel guilty – these feelings have caused me to not say the Shahada several times.
    If you have any advice, please help 🙂
    In God’s Name,
    Zoe 🙂

    1. Hi Zoe! So sorry for my late reply! I’ve been extremely busy. Please let me know what your fears or concerns are and I’ll do my best to answer from my perspective 🙂 I did not have “doubts” at first, but I was concerned, and after studying and gaining knowledge, thank God, I was able to understand some of those concerns better. My best advice: trust in God, He is with you, He sees and He hears ❤

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