May Allah Be Pleased With You, Deah, Yusor & Razan

I cannot even pretend to understand the horrific news story about three YOUNG Muslims that were gunned down in their own apartment over a “parking dispute.”

I don’t understand why it wasn’t on the television until a whole day later.

I can’t stop myself from getting emotional thinking about the pain and suffering of the family.

But, I have to say these three young people make me so, so, so proud to be Muslim.  They were living out Islam in the best of ways – helping others, giving of themselves and of their time.  They were so normal.  They were so much like the people that I aspire to be like.


It could have been any one of us – any of our friends.  I know I myself have gotten into little spats in public about similar stupid things and I know the other people’s reaction was 150% of what it needed to be because of Islam.  And I’m sure the same could be said of them.

Anyways, I can’t talk about it much more than that in detail because I’m already dropping tears all over my keyboard.

What I do want to say, however, is that I cannot think of a better way to honor these three beautiful souls than to contribute to something that they were passionate about.

I suggest strongly that you donate to the cause Syrian Dental Relief and fulfill their mission.

May Allah grant them all the highest levels of Jannah and may I have the honor of meeting them all someday in the most beautiful of places.


6 thoughts on “May Allah Be Pleased With You, Deah, Yusor & Razan

  1. May ALLAH AL-HAFEEZ make all of the people on the earth live in peace on the earth always and live in joy on the earth always. Aameen!

  2. Uhuh, I just properly heard about this today. The news isn’t blowing up about this much over here as I’d expect it to. It’s so unfair, and it could happen to any of us. There is a void in my heart, but I hope they’re in Jannah.

  3. Assalamu alaykom! I enjoy reading ur blog n im impressed u r a czech do u live in cz? May u shoot me private mail with answer? Thank u!

    May Allah protect u sister:)

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