Happy Hijabaversary To ME!

Happy Hijabaversary to me!

564908_10151277171374459_1752161528_nThree years ago today was the first day I started wearing hijab full-time. 

I can’t believe it’s been three years! Time has flown by!

It is quite possibly the only piece of fabric in the world that can make me a spokesmodel just by putting it on my head. I’m constantly being judged based on our religion.

If a non hijabi does something wrong, she’s just a rude girl.  I’m a rude Muslim girl.

But at the same time that it is pressure, it is also a gift- one that stems from the greatest gift of all, one Allah Himself bestowed upon me- being Muslim.

May Allah (swt) make all of us the best representations of Him that we can possibly be – no matter what we wear.


P.S. I expect gifts!



4 thoughts on “Happy Hijabaversary To ME!

  1. Ma shaa Allah , May Allah keep you on the righteous path and keep your heart pure and full of his love.
    P.S. you are not expecting a Porsche 😀 . Happy hijabaversary to you. ( the problem with this word that Firefox can’t accept it ) 😀 .

  2. Congrats! And here’s some invisible chocolates for you! 😛
    I know what you mean, but hijab has so many blessings too right? Wearing hijab makes me feel grounded. Also, here’s a book recommendation since I can’t give you an actual present! Check out Love in a Headscarf by Shelina Zahra Janmohamed – it’s a great little book 😀 Especially if you’re searching for Mr Right 😉

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