Guest Post on “MoreThanHijab” Blog

Salaam everyone:

Had the honor of writing a “guest post” on another blog – More Than Hijab – and hoped you would take a look at it! Both her blog itself and my post.

More importantly, her blog 😉

Here’s My Post 

Promise to post more on this blog within the next week inshaAllah.



5 thoughts on “Guest Post on “MoreThanHijab” Blog

  1. Wonderful interview, sister, masha’Allah! We really have a lot in common! I totally understand your issue about not being regarded as a legit muslim by arab-born nationals… I have the same trouble in Egypt, asked all the time if I am fasting, for example! It’s a very sad truth here that more people fast Ramadan than pray regularly… alot like packing the church on christmas if you know what I mean… I must tell you the truth, I lived a far more “connected” life in America among muslims than is even remotely possible here. Believe the truth, Allah knows the sincerity of every soul, and never feel sad about your status among others. Allah insha’Allah will find you that awesome husband, and insha’Allah you will be an awesome wife! ♥♥♥ ;^)

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