What Do You Do To Help Islam? I Need Your Help!

Asalaam aleykum everyone!!!

I know I haven’t posted for a while, I’ve been incredibly busy.  But right now, I need your help!

I never ask for donations for anything, but this is a cause I believe in and participate in, too! And, I’ve realized that if I am able to help through my blog in any way, Alhamdulilah it is a good thing for me to start doing.

Please consider making a donation this Ramadan, when our reward is multiplied, to Mercy for Mankind

I’m a part of this group and we pass out free Qurans, talk to people about Islam, and change the negative perceptions of Muslims in America.

Also, we have a goal to help people to convert as well if they’re interested – and follow up with them. Any little bit helps, so please, if you are able to donate, I would really appreciate for you to do so.

Wallah, it’s so important to me, and we can really use any help possible!

Dawah night with my brothers :)
Dawah night with my brothers 🙂 May Allah reward and protect us! Ameen.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “Whoever directs (somebody) towards a good deed will receive the like of
the reward granted to that person for practicing that deed.” (Sahih Muslim.)

You may  use this link to make your donation online and gain the rewards from Allah, Inshallah. Please use the link to the Paypal account on the top right corner. Jazek Allah kheir: CLICK HERE

You may also submit your donation by calling toll free at (855) 99-MERCY.

Please take a few moments of your time to view the videos to see where exactly your donation is going, or feel free to stop by Third Street in Santa Monica on Friday or Saturdays – I’ll be there too!:

Commercial 1

Commercial 2

Here’s a link to the facebook as well: Mercy 4 Mankind Facebook

Jazak Allah khair!

If you cannot donate, I ask that you keep us in your du’aa or try to join us some time!  There is dawah going on all over the country, and I can help to find you one near you if you’re interested!

Feel free to email me directly if you have any questions: convertconfessions@gmail.com.

May Allah (swt) reward all of those who donate, or participate in any way, and help guide everyone to understand the beauty of Islam.


9 thoughts on “What Do You Do To Help Islam? I Need Your Help!

      1. I try to set a good example to others by being smiley , positive , helpful .. I try my best . Also if i get a chance to learn more about my religion i would seize it because nothing harms the picture of Islam more than ignorance ..

  1. It’s great that you’re doing something for Islam’s reputation. I’m from britain, I’d like to donate but I’ve only got Pounds Sterling, how can I get around that?

  2. Salam sister.

    I admit my negligence towards Islam. All I can do, I mean out of the ordinary Islamic daily actions, is replying back to offensive posts against Islam on communities like Yutube with good demeanor and tolerance having two goals in mind; correcting wrong thoughts about Islam as a religion and giving the impression that even Muslims, as people, are normal humans and can be polite and have a decent conversation.

    As for donations, do you know anyone in Saudi Arabia I can contact and arrange with? My only mean for money to transfer money is by hand or through local banks. Yup, I’m such a loser in this regard.

    Kind regards and peace.

    1. MashaAllah…. the only way I know how to donate is the use the link on the website, which allows for bankcards, and perhaps bank transfers as well through Paypal. If you are unable to donate, I ask that you make du’aa for us instead.

      Jazak Allah khair.

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